Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rubber Gloves

Sometimes you have to bring out the big guns. It is never pretty when that is necessary.

That, my friends, is a picture of my big guns. I took the photo last night prior to handling the job. I keep sets of these on hand for something, extraordinary, lets say euphemistically. I don't need them for washing dishes or the like so they get very little attention. Last night, though, I was all about the rubber gloves.

As I mentioned in my very first post (golf clap, thank you) - strange things just seem to happen. So last night I had just finished my evening's entertainment which consisted of my usual repertoire ... a movie. After it ended I decided it was time for bed. As such, I headed down the hall to the bedroom. As I was directly across from the open door of my guest bathroom I heard the sound of running water. I never use this bathroom so I found that odd. As I turned on the light, to my horror, I could hear my upstairs neighbor flushing (I live in a condo) and the vent directly over my guest toilet and under hers, suddenly rush with water. I guess this had been happening for a bit, but the successive flushing this evening (I don't even WANT to know what was going on up there in HER bathroom) had caused a cumulative effect of ... uhmm ... yellow-brownish water. I am not saying what your automatically thinking is what it was, but whatever it was, it reeked and it was gross.

So guess who had to clean everything up last night? One hint: Not my upstairs neighbor. Another hint: Not my cats.

Anyway, if i had a gratitude journal like Mama O says you should, it would say one thing in today's entry: "Man, I love those rubber gloves."


Anonymous said...

There are no words... Well, other than 'ICK'.

Jennythenipper said...

Abby, are we seaparated at birth? I too have a set of big guns that I save for special jobs. Mine are pink though. I always pack them when we go up North to the "cabin" because there are big jobs up there.

Sorry about the sludge, though. One time that happened in our sink when I lived in a duplex. I got into this passive aggressive war with the neighbor on the other side. I blamed her and she blamed me. Turned out a root had cut into the out pipe for our sewage so it was those dang trees that dun it.

And you raise another interesting point, why don't cats do more to earn their keep? I've been waiting for mine to bring me tea and toast in bed for years and they just never get round to it.

Lisa said...

This is so disgusting! LOL.

Have a great week April.